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Ex Junction BoxesAtex junction box

Explosion Proof Junction Box / Connectors

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Explosion Proof Plugs, Sockets & Connectors

These ATEX electrical plugs, sockets, connectors and boxes are intended for use in explosive atmospheres in compliance with the ATEX 94/9/EC Directive and as per the IEC Ex. They can be used in zones 1 and 2 (Gas) and zones 21 and 22 (Dusts)..
Atex Plugs and Sockets

Atex Plugs, Sockets & Connectors

Atex certified plugs and sockets for use in hazardous Ex zones. These Explosion proof plugs, sockets and electrical connectors with integrated breaking capacity from Marechal offer a range of features, voltages and amp ranges.

Marechal Plugs Sockets

Atex Plugs and Sockets

Atex Junction Boxes

Marechal Junction boxes for use in atex zones 1 & 2 (gas), 21 & 22 (dust). Designed for use in harsh industrial environments such as Oil, Gas, & Mining. It is possible to mount multiple socket-outlets, multicontact connectors or terminals on the same junction box.

Marechal Plugs Sockets

Atex Junction Boxes, Atex Junction Box